My Finding Forever Story

So this post is going to be a story about myself that I wrote almost a 2 years ago. It showcases pretty much how it is living as me. Enjoy.

Kweku: My Finding Forever Story

Hey, my name is Kweku, There are many things people do not know about me. Whether it is my past as a child, or what I do when I’m alone, how I present myself in many situations. It all will be inside this one story. The story of me, how I found my forever. In this story, you will hear many references through musical lyrics, various artists, musicians, songwriters, painters and other people. And to you people reading, this is the real me. No lies, even many of you may even be able to relate to the situations I’ve been through. Even by the way you’ll see how my family is. So all in all, here’s where the story begins.

“The following story was inspired to me by Lamarr Wilson whom has a YouTube channel, by the name of WilsonTech1, and Casey Payne of the YouTube channel by the name of miltownkid.”

It all began when I was like a little 3 year old living with my mom, dad, older brother, and baby (now just little) brother. Growing up Virginia, with immigrant parents who came here from Ghana in search of education, and better job opportunities, that sort of what shaped them to be who they are today. My parents were the type that were strict solely because where they came from, people struggle to achieve their dreams, and most of them do not have the pleasure of having food always available, having a free education that is forced, many of them didn’t even know where the next meal would come from. Or even have the opportunity to actually go out and buy clothes. Mostly everything was made by the parents or the children. So for my parents to survive, finding a better opportunity for education was a must. And that’s why around when my dad completed school, he came over seas to America, because he knew that the education here was far better than what was being offered in Ghana. Over here since he struggled so much in his home. He took his education way farther than you and I do. He took it seriously.

If you all notice, most people here already don’t take education anywhere near as seriously as aliens.  I think this is because people over here see education as a rule or right, rather than as a privilege. So there for most of us get lazy and don’t want to do work, or show up to school some days because we it as a punishment we use the usual “why or when will I ever need to know this?” excuse. We do notice also however that most of the people who do well in schools are people whose parents are “less-fortunate. And don’t have anything to skip school for, or to go home to. Those types of people want their education simply to help support their family, and not have to make their children suffer through what they did when they were kids.

But sometimes ill even admit, I even take my own free education for granted. I say that I wished I wasn’t in school, or I wish I was sleeping. But deep down inside, I know that I need the education to be successful in life. Or to accomplish any goal that I am shooting for. That’s why I’m writing this, to encourage you all to do the same. Look forward at your future and ask yourself “How does what I am doing currently help me achieve my dream?” That’s the moral of this story, everything I write associates itself with the answer to that question.


During my early childhood days, I was always associated in my family as “having a good heart”. I used to be the crazy but outgoing type that read all the time. Books of all kinds, but you see, that was the time that pictures were in books if you noticed. The time where you would open up a book like Winnie the Pooh, or Clifford the Big Red Dog, and you would see the pages filled with color, and pictures while reading the somewhat entertaining book. Sometimes in my mind I wonder if that’s the only reason why I read books as a child, because of the pictures on every page. My parents used to have to get me to put the book down because I couldn’t stop reading. But now, I hate books. The only things I read are articles about technology and new things like games, and cell phones. You know new stuff in the consumer electronics field. But back to my childhood, in my child days, when we went to my cousin’s house, they had those Lego Duplo blocks that you could build anything your mind wants. And for some reason, I found that so fascinating. And so one day, my aunt by the name of Sarah said “I can’t believe you’re so creative on build stuff.” That was I think started my family on saying I should be an architect. So from then on, on every birthday, my aunt would show me a magazine filled with Legos, and she would always say, “Pick any set in the magazine and circle it.” Those were my favorite days back then, when I could ask for something and receive it for my birthday guaranteed. But the thing that made me different from other kids was the fact that most kids for Christmas asked for video games and toys. And all I wanted for Christmas and my birthday were Legos.
Every time someone would ask me what I wanted for any holiday, the first thing that popped up into my mind was Legos all the time. And believe it or not, to this date, I’ve never gotten a game device that was specifically for me. Everyone in my family has received one, except my sister (because she’s a girl and never saw the need in any of it. But it felt great, because for once in my life, things were going great, I had good grades, I read a lot which my parent liked exceptionally. And I got whatever I wanted (which was pretty much just Legos). Just having the feeling that of satisfaction and choice with Legos was all I needed to be happy. But since then, things started going downward.

Early Pre-Teen Years

During my years starting from about the 5th grade and up until the end of my pre-teen years, things started getting bad. I had stopped reading, my grades were dropping, I stopped getting Lego sets from my aunt and parents. And even my parents were starting to nag at me for making messes because the Legos were everywhere due to the fact that I had so many. But also during the time frame I made a very good friend with a dude from my 4th grade class. He was an only child, he had the exact same interests that I did, and in fact he still does. We were probably the best of friends because he would come over sometimes and play and I would go over other times and play. It was just a good feeling that I had found a friend that I could play with. My parents knew his parents, and they could talk all day while we just did stuff. We would have these Lego wars that we would first build up a bunch of vehicles and soldiers and stuff, and just narrate and act out the voices. It was really fun, even when my brother had gotten a Nintendo 64 gaming system, I would still think that the Legos were more fun to play with so I would just sit in my basement quietly, building things, and just play by myself. I could do that anytime and anywhere. And it was cool because my school work even got done. That was when my parents were always checking up on me on my school work.  I was good in spelling bees, I used to always win, and spelling tests were simple. And I would actually study for them.
I think once mid-year of the 5th grade began I started slacking. I honestly think it was the Legos that started distracting me from my work. Because as soon as I got home, I would have a small after-school snack and go play. I wouldn’t study for anything because the Legos became a big habit. The good thing though was that at that time, I could build really good things that even my parents would take pictures of and tell me to keep together. Even though I wouldn’t listen and tear it down to build something else. The good thing is, to this day, I still have one of the things I built back in my early pre-teen or childhood days up on my computer table. Showing how I use to be. But I think that the huge Lego addiction that I had was what shaped me to the hobbies I have today. Because, if it wasn’t for my early exposure to Legos, I would never have been a good artist, and I would never have learned to like using AutoCAD Inventor to design and invent things, the computer knowledge came from my older brother who showed me what they really could do if you knew how to tweak it.

My Older brother Kofi was the one who had a major impact on my life. Even more so than my own parents, because he’s the one that exposed me to video games, to computers, and that there were even more kinds of Legos than just the bricks. He showed me that some computer games had online play, which expanded the gameplay from just myself alone, to playing with thousands of other people. But the person that I have to blame for ever starting me on video games, the person that brought my very first sight of a computer game was my dad. And I’m sure he regrets doing that highly. The game that caught my eye the most, my very first expose and addiction to computer games was Diablo by Blizzard Entertainment. This game was so amazing to me that I spent years playing. in fact almost a whole decade.

As you can tell. This is unfinished work. I plan to hopefully continue writing it throughout my life.. Expect to see more chapters and the conclusion of this one.

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