Video games that kept me thinking

Game Box Cover Art
Now everyone has played/seen a game or piece of media that has changed they way they live/made them question things. I know for a fact that I've played MANY games that made me think. One game in particular, which is part of my all time favorite series: Kingdom Hearts.

The game starts you questioning from the moment you turn it on. Here is the quote/poem.
It's a poem from a character in it names Kairi
 Thinking of you, wherever you are.
 We pray for our sorrows to end,
 and hope that our hearts will blend.
 Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
 And who knows:
 starting a new journey may not so hard
 or maybe it has already begun.
 There are many worlds,
 but they share the same sky-
 one sky, one destiny.

This quote already had me thinking of past relationships with people. People you haven't met for a long while. You always wonder how their lives are going. You knew that they had sorrows in their life and they saw sorrows in your heart. But the only thing that keeps you going is hope. Hope that they will end and both hearts will be back together in perfect matrimony someday. But the only way for that to ever have a chance, is if you go on a journey. Not exactly to other worlds since that isnt possible yet for the average human, but instead relating other worlds to other countries, states, places in general. Because all of those places share one sky, and the same destiny (to be successful).
This is the quote playing in the game.

Remember that I could be wrong and this could be completely useless to you the reader. But as a disclaimer, this is an opinion.

Leave a comment and tell me what this quote/poem means to you.

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