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The Non-Believer

We being human beings grew up believing in various things. Just to name a few; whether there is really a God, whether the government in our respective countries is hiding things from us that we ought to know. But we never really ask ourselves the big "w". Why? Why do we believe in such things. Why don't we try to question reality. I for one have started to question just about everything lately. Here's a list of things I have questioned so far about the life we live:

Is there really a God?Are we really alone in the universe?Do our governments really have information to hide about secret projects?Are we just a simulation, or a dream? And if so, who is the dreamer?

The Outcast

This is the next part in a series of posts about what I think I am... For awhile now, I've noticed that I slowly have been drifting from the social norms and the family norms. And of course, when you  do that, you tend to lose the relationships with people with whom you've been close with. People tend to drift/distance themselves from you.

The Maniac

I slowly think I am becoming, or am already a maniac. Sure people I meet in my day to day life might not notice anything, but on the inside I know there is a problem with me. Like there's something deeper about my personality than meets the eye. For starters, I question everything; religion, relationships, life, people (family), and along with family, I question if I was even suppose to be in this one.

Music With Meaning

I remember when i was younger, maybe back in the elementary-middle school days, I use to listen to rappers like 50 Cent, The Game, Snoop Dogg, and other people that labeled their style of music as "Gangsta Rap". I went from music that was like this (But not exactly this song):

The Game - How We Do
To this type of music:

Holiday Season and the Mayans Prediction

Here we are, in the last month of the year. December. The month where the weather begins to get very chilly. The leaves have undergone a transformation to the crispy leaves, that most kids have a blast stepping on. In this month, many holidays occur: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and for you Canadians, Boxing Day. Also, this month's holidays are special because they mark the month where the supposed Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world. This date being December 21, 2012. Now I'm not one to believe this stuff because for one, the Mayans never knew about leap year. Which completely throws their calendar off track. But I will have to say, I do like messing with people by bringing up Mayan calendar jokes.