Music With Meaning

I remember when i was younger, maybe back in the elementary-middle school days, I use to listen to rappers like 50 Cent, The Game, Snoop Dogg, and other people that labeled their style of music as "Gangsta Rap". I went from music that was like this (But not exactly this song):

The Game - How We Do

To this type of music:

Lupe Fiasco - Unforgivable Youth

And no there's nothing wrong with your web browser, the album art is really just a black box.

Point is. Over these few years I've noticed how much I've changed my musical tastes. I went from music with no meaning that was on the radio, to turning on the radio for 2 seconds and getting immediately sick of the music going through my ears. So for the past few years, I have not turn on the radio on to any Hip-Hop/Rap radio stations because the music is always one or some of these: Party, Sex, Drugs, Girls. Over and over again, I've gotten tired of it. Now, the only music I listen to is music with a meaning, I call it "Novel Rap". Mainly because these are songs that are telling some sort of story, or trying to prove a point. Now, my "Party" music is Reggae. You know, the type of music that when you listen to it you just want to get up on your feet and move around. To end, I'm going to leave you with these lyrics from the above song. Read this, and see if you can decode what he is saying in your own words.

"Ways and means from the trade of human beings
A slave labor force provides wealth to the machine
And helps the new regime establish and expand
Using manifest destiny to siphon off the land
From native caretakers who can barely understand
How can land be owned by another man?
Warns, "One can not steal what was given as a gift;
Is the sky owned by birds and the rivers owned by fish?"
But the lesson went unheeded, for the sake of what's not needed
You kill but do not eat it
The excessive and elitists don't repair it when they leave it
The forests's were cleared, the factories were built
And all mistakes will be repeated
By your future generations doomed to pay for your mistreatments
Foolishness and flaws, greed and needs and disagreement
And then you rush to have the most, from the day you left your boats
You'll starve but never die in a world of hungry ghosts"

-Lupe Fiasco- 

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