B.R.A.C.E.ing to Achieve

Now most if not all of you are wondering in your head, "What is this dude talking about? What do you mean BRACE myself?" But what I mean is not what you are thinking most likely. BRACE is another acronym. BRACE stands for:

B - Back to the basics
R - Reboot yourself everyday:

When you are struggling with life, restart yourself, just like how you reboot your phone, computer or tablet when it is struggling or having problems.

A - Ali mentality (Yes, Muhammad Ali)

Basically Muhammad Ali said that he was the best fighter in existence so we believed that he was. So what you should do with yourself is not to give in to a negative mentality. Have that Ali mentality in everything you do. If its sports, tell yourself "I am the best", if its taking a test, say this while taking it "This is my best work." Same goes for all school and actual work. Motivate to accelerate.

C - CGB (Creativity Generates Business)

What can you do, that you are already doing to create enthusiasts? Or in simple terms, what can you do, that you already do and like to do, that can attract more people like you to what you are doing?

E - Extract Leverage

When you have created enthusiasts  use the business that you have created, and wring out every opportunity that you can do with it. Use it to its full potential. Eventually that extraction you did will turn into something you probably wanted in the beginning but didn't think about.

Source: Kevin Bracy, Video Link

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