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Not only is this blog about helping others grow and be successful, it also includes analyzing my persona, and talking about things that occur in my head psychologically in order to help myself grow as a person. So without further ado, a post talking about one fault in my persona, anger.

Birds Flock Together

Now what does this title mean? Ask yourself this question first. Then read what I am about to write. You see, the dialect of this post is going to be almost like I am speaking to you face to face.

But now, my title "Birds Flock Together" is actually part of a phrase by a motivational speaker named Les Brown. In it, he says "Birds of a feather, flock together." Yes this rhymes, but that isn't the point, the point he is trying to make is that if

One Life to Live

You only have one life to live, so make the most of everyday. Make the most of everyday, because you never know what will happen to you tomorrow.

A man named Les Brown (Yes, I've quoted him many times but hey, he's amazing) said that when people were told that they were going to die in a few months, they finally decided to truly live. Now I'm not saying they weren't "alive" before, I'm saying that before they were told about dying in lets say 3 months, they were the most

Give Em' Hell

Now this post might sound a little different from the previous few, but essentially the idea is still existent.  It is still focused on personal growth and success. I want to first start out by saying that I was inspired to write this post based on the song "The Fighters" by Gym Class Heroes. I will talk about a few of the

Happiness Comes From Others

Way back in early October when I started my YouTube channel, I was thinking it would never grow. I thought that since other channels were talking about the same stuff I did, nobody would even give mine a chance. Especially when there are other channels that do what I do professionally. But the moment I