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The Rebirth of a New Journey

I realize that its been quite some time since I posted anything so I figured I'd give an update. For starters. I have been pretty absent from the interwebs in general. So the question is, "What have I been up to all this time?" Well thats pretty simple, well I've been finishing up some Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Awesome game if I might add.
I have also been revisiting an old game called Diablo III. I spent maybe around 20 hours last week leveling up my monk and barbarian. It was pretty fun while the excitement lasted. But most importantly I've been trying to get my life together. I recently applied to a university called Old Dominion University. Hopefully I get in because that would be a life-making moment. It would basically show that all these years of doing things and going nowhere, I will be able to hone my creative/artistic skills and channel it into something in the form of a career for my future. 
Another thing that I have been up to is designing web…