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Introspection: The Transitional Life Crisis

About a year ago, I went through a huge quarter year long phase. A phase that had both good and bad intentions on myself and other people. It was a phase that included me going completely invisible to just about everyone. Invisible in a difference sense of the word however. By invisible, I mean to my friends, I went complete anti-social, to my family, I wasn't even acting like the person they knew all of my 18 years of living (I'm 19 now).

It was bad in a way because during that period, I lost many friends. Many people stopped contacting me because of my change in direction/attitude. I think it because I went from the person who was easy to have fun with to a person who was always upset, or angry. Frankly, me being in that phase, I didn't even realize anything was wrong with me (as most people going through the same thing wouldn't). I went from being the nice person to a person who often yelled at family. A person who was once caring to a person who just didn't car…