My creative eye

For some reason, I discovered that I had a fascination with color at a very young age. In fact, this fascination started around age 3, or maybe even earlier. I remember during my birthday and Christmas, my aunt would always ask me to look inside a Lego magazine and circle what I wanted. Then, as a surprise, she would purchase it for me and I would wake up in the morning and rip the box to shreds and see it. With those LEGO bricks, I would always build things more related to Star Wars. But why i chose things inspired from Star Wars is a whole different story.  

I'm going to narrow down the things I'm creative about to 3 things. I'm creative on designing things, building anything, and lastly just ideas in general. But on to the designing aspect of things. I've noticed how, when I’m doing things that involve it, my creativity always jumps far and beyond all of my peers. For example, in high school, we had to design a table and chair for a coffee house, what I did was use inspiration from Apple's iPod Shuffle. I designed a 3D rendering of the iPod in table form. Note that Apple does not tell the dimensions of their products. I also designed a chair that looked like the iPod headphones. And when it comes to ideas in general, pretty much anything can inspire me. An example for this is when I saw the Final Destination movies, after that, I can come up with any scenario of how an accident can happen that someone could die (As bad as that sounds, its actually pretty cool). 

But point is, I've always been a creative person. That's partially why I made this, it was an idea, and like I usually do, I proceeded to follow my idea and come up with this blog. 

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