The Beginning of a Long Journey

Hello everyone. Welcome to my brand stinkin' new blog: My Finding Forever. On this, I'll be talking about a whole lot of stuff. From friends, relationships, food, games that interest me, and pretty much everything in between. I almost forgot to even introduce myself. My name is Kweku. For those of you from Ghana or Africa in general, you'll recognize the name instantly. Anyway, I do whole ton of stuff from messing with gadgets.

To cooking/baking. (P.S. I could eat chocolate chip cookies and apple pie for the rest of my life and die a happy man.

Watching HGTV, then getting inspiration to design a random object.

To just playing sports or goofing off doing some random thing on a boring Sunday.
Also, I'm a college student working on IT so prepare to see huge improvements of this blog down in the future. With enough views, I plan on opening a YouTube channel to start doing videos and stuff.
Big things ahead are coming, so prepare yourself. Todays launch of My Finding Forever will go down in the books! At least that is my goal. Anyway, "Stay awhile and listen".

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