The Changing of Seasons and Weather: Labor Day

So its Labor Day. The day where kids get ready for the new school year that will be starting overnight. The one holiday where people have no clue how to celebrate. Maybe by shopping? Sleeping? Or is it just another day filled with nothingness and boredom.

I for one could say that I did the 2nd choice. Slept...and slept...and slept...and slept. about 3 good hours of my day was dedicated to sleeping. Mainly because I was sick today. Random whether changes cause me to be sick sometimes.

What do I think of when i hear Labor Day? A day that marks a transition from 100 degree summers to 80 and below ones. Where mornings turn from humid, hot, shorts and t-shirt weather to chilly, hoodie weather. This day marks the nearness of Fall. Leaves start to change color, go from there smooth, flexible texture to their golden, crispy crumbly texture. A sign that winter and cold weather is rapidly approaching.

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