Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Next Project

This banner is for another blog.

Lately I've been taking a lot of photos of what I eat. And finally I thought to myself, "I need a place to post my shots for the whole world's viewing." But the main thing was that I didn't want it to be a social network since I'm slowly leaving the social networking picture. Facebook is no longer in my brain. And  Twitter is next on the list. Also Instagram is still a social network no matter what you say. So a brilliant idea popped into my head. I have a YouTube channel called NextGen Windows, so to begin making my brand NG (NextGen), I have finally decided on making a food photography blog. Where I'll start off taking photos with everyone's most convenient item that they take everywhere. Their phone. Then later I'll upgrade to a full fledged DSLR camera.

So without further a-do I am pleased to announce NextGen Foodtography. Sometimes you might see it written as NextGenFoodtography, or NGF. But they are all essentially the same thing. Only an abbreviated form or lazily non-spaced.

What I want to do with this blog is to make it so that anyone can share their food photos. Not as a social network, but almost as an organized forum. But more on that in the future. For now, the design and the photos need to be created and edited.