Video Game Music That Triggers Emotions

Most of us that have played a video game have heard music in it that activated our emotions. For me, this post will be simple and to the point. Here's a few of the music that triggered memories and emotional response from me.

P.S. : Notice the trend.

Jenova's Theme: Final Fantasy VII

Dearly Beloved: Kingdom Hearts

Sanctuary: Kingdom Hearts II

To Zanarkand: Final Fantasy X

My Hands: Final Fantasy XIII

Cosmo Canyon: Final Fantasy VII

The following are my top 3 most nostaigic video game songs:

3. Aerith's/Aeris's Theme: Final Fantasy VII

2. Simple & Clean: Kingdom Hearts

And numero uno. Number 1 is!!!

Xion's Theme: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

The reason this is my number 1 favorite and is the most nostalgic song from a video game I've ever heard is because as you play the game, you become connected to the character, then, at the end, a devastating moment happens that will blow your mind, and put you to tears. It is one of those moments in video games that I will never forget. And everytime the song plays, the memories of that tragic scene will come back.

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