Winning the Day: The Lego Bricks to an Overall Goal

As part of the whole focus of this blog. I discovered a video from a guy named Kevin Bracy. He was talking about how most people try to make New Years Resolutions and that we as human beings are so focused on achieving goals deep within our future that we forget about the most important thing, winning the day. He actually referred it as "Win the Day".

And basically what that means is forget about only doing things to win for the future. Focus on now/today. Win the day, then you will win the future. Don't think about how whatever you are doing will affect your future. As long as it is positive, you will "win the day" and with it, you will "win the future". Focus on the present. Use this method (winning the day) as the Lego bricks and your long term goal as the complete product fully built.

For example. My goal by the end of this year is to get a car. But in order to do that sure I need to work and save money. But each day, I have to not spend a certain about in order to have enough. Now one thing I want to add is to combine the Win the Day method with SMART goal method. Now for those of your that don't know what a SMART goal is, here is it. Its actually an acronym: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These apply to your long-term goals only. If you need an explanation, click the word in blue SMART, Google it, or for those of you that use it, Bing it.

Thank you Jovon Torres for referring me to him.

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