Birds Flock Together

Now what does this title mean? Ask yourself this question first. Then read what I am about to write. You see, the dialect of this post is going to be almost like I am speaking to you face to face.

But now, my title "Birds Flock Together" is actually part of a phrase by a motivational speaker named Les Brown. In it, he says "Birds of a feather, flock together." Yes this rhymes, but that isn't the point, the point he is trying to make is that if
you follow lets say "losers" you will be a loser. Just like if you follow "druggies" or "straight A students" you will be those. And this is whether you believe it or not. You will come to realize this over time. I'll give an example in my personal life:
Back in Biology in my sophomore year of high school, I was a new student in my class, there was no where to sit but near some people that never did their work or paid attention, when it came to labs and worksheets, I was also clueless because I never paid attention because I sat near them too. So my grade dropped to a D for my interim report. But, after the interim came and passed, my teacher gave us new seats. I sat next to people that actually did pay attention and did their work. They even did group work with each other and talked things out. I slowly found myself understanding Biology better. When the report card for the first 9 weeks came. I saw my grade shoot up to a miraculous B. My grade shot up so fast and high that even my teacher pulled me aside one class day to tell me that it seems her new seating arrangement really worked. Sure it wasn't targeted specifically for me, it was more to break up the talkative groups in class. But I took the opportunity that I got that came with the new arrangement to boost my grade ten-fold. Heck, it even brought some unexpected opportunities for my group. During a project presentation that the class had to do in groups, although my group had finished the project and was ready to present, my teacher informed us one morning that she had lost our poster. So, instead of making us redo it, she simply gave us A's. And she said that she knew we would get an A on it anyway. So it didn't really change anything....
The reason for the periods is because there is more to the story but the main point I wanted to convey was in that section.

 But in general the main point of this whole post is again, whether you believe it or not (sounds like Ripley's), follow a pack of people of a certain type, you will end up that type. If you want a certain job, you must follow people who are in that field to get the job. If you want to be successful, you have to follow and idolize successful people.

Quote of the Week:
"If you want to keep on getting what you are getting, keep on doing what you are doing". -  Les Brown
Use your mind and marinate on that quote till the next post.

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