Give Em' Hell

Now this post might sound a little different from the previous few, but essentially the idea is still existent.  It is still focused on personal growth and success. I want to first start out by saying that I was inspired to write this post based on the song "The Fighters" by Gym Class Heroes. I will talk about a few of the
lines that stood out and had the biggest emotional reflection on me, how it portrays in my life, and I'll even post the video and link next to this paragraph.

I first want to define just what being a "Fighter" means. It doesn't mean that you should literally fight other people. It simply means that no matter what you do, and no matter what anybody says, fight for your dreams/goals. In short, lame man's terms "Never give up". These last three words from the previous sentence brings me to talking about the first few lines that mean something to me:
Give 'em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life till we're dead
This simply means that no matter what you do, no matter the doubt from other people (which there will be), give them all you have, show them that you will succeed. And when you do succeed, you'll have multiple heads turning your way. Live life to the fullest is the second line's meaning.

Give me scars, give me painThen they'll say to me, say to me, say to meThere goes a fighter, there goes a fighterHere comes a fighterThat's what they'll say to me, say to me, Say to me, this one's a fighter

These lines have a meaning separately and as a group all together. I'll lay it out line by line

"Give me scars, give me pain" - that through it all, you receive many scars and pain.
"Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me" - that people will be saying something which ill define in the next line.
"There goes a fighter, there goes a fighter" - that people will say/acknowledge you as a true fighter.
"Here comes a fighter" - People will see you as an up and coming fighter (note that it doesn't mean people will see you as a physical fighter, it means that people will see you as a person who "fought" through many struggles).
"That's what they'll say to me, say to me" - He is acknowledging that yes, that's exactly what people will say (think mentally).
"Say to me, this one's a fighter" - This reassures line 4 that yes, you will be a fighter.

Why does this song mean a lot to me? It means a lot to me because I can relate to it. For example, my YouTube channel. When I announced on this very popular writer YouTuber's website that I wanted to make a YouTube channel dedicated to Microsoft, I got a whole lot of hate and shrugs. But I was determined to do it. So I endured all the hate, pain and struggle coming from people, and my loss of creativity do to it all. I never gave in to all the hate, I never gave up, I fought past it all (there goes the key word of this post "fought" again). Now, 3 months later, I went from 0 subscribers with less than 1000 views total and 10 views per video to 56 subscribers and growing with over 100 views per video (some even have over 5000).

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