Holiday Season and the Mayans Prediction

Here we are, in the last month of the year. December. The month where the weather begins to get very chilly. The leaves have undergone a transformation to the crispy leaves, that most kids have a blast stepping on. In this month, many holidays occur: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and for you Canadians, Boxing Day. Also, this month's holidays are special because they mark the month where the supposed Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world. This date being December 21, 2012. Now I'm not one to believe this stuff because for one, the Mayans never knew about leap year. Which completely throws their calendar off track. But I will have to say, I do like messing with people by bringing up Mayan calendar jokes.

But aside from all that Mayan calendar mumbo-jumbo, this month marks the month where I accomplished a good amount, and also a bunch of things happened to me. I'll list a few:

Good Things I Accomplished

  • Got my learners permit.
  • Finished my college classes with A's.
  • Got a new computer that works well with multimedia.
  • Stayed at my job for a full year.
  • Started paying off College Tuition from pocket.
Things That Happened to Me
  • Began getting stalked by someone.
  • Withdrew from my club officer position.
As you can see, more good things happened to me than bad, and for that I have to be greatful. 

Moral of this post is that no matter what happens to you, look at the bright side, it'll always carry you through and more good things will happen.

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