The Non-Believer

We being human beings grew up believing in various things. Just to name a few; whether there is really a God, whether the government in our respective countries is hiding things from us that we ought to know. But we never really ask ourselves the big "w". Why? Why do we believe in such things. Why don't we try to question reality. I for one have started to question just about everything lately. Here's a list of things I have questioned so far about the life we live:

  • Is there really a God?
  • Are we really alone in the universe?
  • Do our governments really have information to hide about secret projects?
  • Are we just a simulation, or a dream? And if so, who is the dreamer?
The Holy Bible (Christianity's holy book)
Of course, there are strong believers of a God/Gods. And again, of course, there will always be strong believers in things other people/books tell us. But my question is "Does what someone/something tells you (even if they are PhD researchers/scientists) make their point true? Just because its written in a book that has no true author, does this make it valid?

I have friends that are strong believers in Jesus Christ, Allah, Jah, and a bunch of others. But again, whenever i ask them "What made you believe in your God?" Their answer is never straight forward, they always go on a rant about their holy book or something they were told to believe. Never have I heard a straight answer like "I believe in God because of this, this, and this. Now as I leave this first topic of this post, I'll finish with a question... If you believe in a God/Gods, why, do you believe in it? I want reasons, not excerpts from the holy book representing your religion, I want your personal reason as to why you chose to believe.

Now the rest of these will be kind of mashed together like potatoes on thanksgiving.

I personally do not believe that we are alone in this universe. As big as it is, there is no way we are the only intelligent lifeforms in existence. Why do I think this? Simple, but let me break it down with some definitions. 

The Universe is commonly defined as the totality of existence,[1][2][3][4] including planetsstarsgalaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. - Wikipedia
Aliens (Extraterrestrial Life) -  life that does not originate from Earth. - Wikipedia
UFO - an unidentified flying object - Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Now notice that the word UFO does NOT mean flying saucer or flying object from outer space. It simply means an object that we haven't identified that can fly.

A 2003 NASA WMAP Satellite image of the furthest we can see into the universe from Earth
But why do I think that we are not alone in this Universe? Because this universe is GINORMOUS. The image to the right has apparently taken 14 billion years to reach us. Now since I am no researcher or NASA scientist, I have no clue how it took 14 billion years to reach us when its only the year 2012 right now.

As a way to understand this better, think of how long it would take to drive from Manassas, VA (Virginia) to New York, NY without stopping for sleep. That's about 4 hours just to travel about 257 miles. 4 hours is just 1/6 of a day, and a day is 24 hours. So if it takes 1/6 of a day to travel just those short miles, it would take around 60,996,750,000 days just to travel to that point using our current automotive technology. Imagine how many planets could be between here and that point of the universe. Imagine how much life? That's my personal reason as to why I believe we are not alone.

Now for the government information hiding stuff. I personally think they are. Some of the reasons could be to make people not scared, to make it so that other countries cant misuse the information for their own reasons (humans are greedy folks). And another is just because they want to. Now people might think that last reason is pretty messed up.

But if you think about it, what makes us any different? We hide stuff from people too. Why? Because we don't want other people to misuse the info/objects. We don't want people upset. We just feel the need to be sneaky about stuff in general.

And lastly, I'll make this one brief since this post is already long enough. Are we just a simulation, a someone's dream? Never meant to really exist? Now this part was thought of by playing the game Kingdom Hearts. The game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days asks that very thing. In the game, there are people called Nobodies, they live regular lives and they look just like you and I. Regular human beings.

But the thing about them is, they were actually never meant to exist. They are just a shadow of someone else. What about us?

If we were "Nobodies" hypothetically speaking of course? How would we know?

Things like these are why I don't believe things people or things tell me. The only way I can believe is if and only if, they have a source for their telling, and its been proven.

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