The Outcast

This is the next part in a series of posts about what I think I am...
For awhile now, I've noticed that I slowly have been drifting from the social norms and the family norms. And of course, when you  do that, you tend to lose the relationships with people with whom you've been close with. People tend to drift/distance themselves from you.
Of course, I don't know why this is happening but it just seems to be what is becoming of me now. But luckily me being a outcast from society, the people who do stick with me in my rebellious life tend to be the "best" friends. Now I'm going to list the pros and cons of being the outcast that I am.
Pros of being an outcast
- Friends are usually the true ones
- People whom also are alike tend to function as a family figure
- Creativity prospers
- No limitations: Basically I mean that people who are outcasts don't feel limited to do any action because they don't follow a quota that normal people do.
- Free Mind: Being a person that doesn't follow a specific social norm, the mind can be free to think and function without questioning itself.
Cons of being an outcast
- Social issues
- Lack of support: People who are like me often find that most others do not want to help out when we are in need of help.
- Focus issues: Due to being a free mind, the brain is constantly thinking about the next thing without completing its previous thought.
- Moment of depression can (most likely will) occur.
- Friend/Family issues: Like me, as I've been making the transformation from conformer to outcast, I've been having problems dealing with family and found myself "in a corner" away from others during family events. Also finding myself becoming angrier than usual at them. AKA holding grudges that aren't big.
These were just some of the pros and cons I could think of.
In the near future, I can already see that I won't be associating myself with my family nearly as much to the point where they will seem almost non-existent. Being an outcast seems to link to bipolar disorder, at least the way this post reads. Who knows, I may even look into some of "society's outcasts" and compare their lives to bipolar disorder. I'll post my findings here in this blog.
"Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocrities" - Criss Jami

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