Happiness Comes From Others

Way back in early October when I started my YouTube channel, I was thinking it would never grow. I thought that since other channels were talking about the same stuff I did, nobody would even give mine a chance. Especially when there are other channels that do what I do professionally. But the moment I
saw the first comment posted on my channel, I was ecstatic. I was so happy that it even pushed me to continue to make more videos on my channel. Here is my channel by the way (click the word channel).

Then another milestone hit, my first subscriber. I was (still am) only making videos because I liked to do them. But once I got an email from YouTube saying I had received my first subscriber it was the greatest feeling in the world. The greatest because its one thing to do what you love and get a few views here and there, but its another when you are doing what you love and other people want to engage, other people want to keep in touch with your stuff so they subscribe so they can know first thing whenever you post something new. It gives a warm feeling inside when that happens.

Later on, I was at school and I was checking my videos that I had posted and saw that one of my videos had hit 1000 views (The video to the right was my first video to hit 1000). Now sure 1000 may not be that much on YouTube, but it's a lot to me/a person who just started less than a month ago. And me being the only one who contributes to the channel in terms of videos, it really is a lot. When I hit that 1000 view mark on one of my videos, I was elated. Nothing would bring down my mood.

Now the main point I'm trying to get across with this post is that you may feel happy by yourself, but its when other people jump in and want to watch or like what you are doing while you are happy doing that thing that brings prolonged periods of happiness. Same concept goes for when you find that special person. If they love what you do and you love what you do, you are elated and those marriages usually succeed easily. So in summary, do what you like/love to do, there will always be someone that wants to be apart of that. And who knows, it make even come with a cash donation (to your bank account).

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