Before reading the rest of this I highly recommend listening to this video and then while reading, listen to it again. The reason I am instructing this is so that you can understand where I'm coming from in this post. Your mind will be immersed in the atmosphere that the music conveys.

Now. The title of the video is called "Forever Begins" it's a song by the artist named Common.

This song inspires me to write this because the whole purpose of the song, the central theme of the song is that although things might seem gone (people too), they still exist/live on forever. Now this means that whether you've lost a loved one, don't think that they are gone forever because they live  on through memories, songs, words, or pretty much any way that makes you think of them.

A second meaning and a personal inspirational thing I got out of this song is that basically they (Common and his father Lonnie Lynn) are talking about how forever begins when things you do, say, or think about become so common and normal to you that they become real. Not real in the sense that they manifest themselves in physical form, hypothetically speaking of course. Now I realize that this may not make much sense so here is an example: A loved one was lost years ago but because you've been thinking about them for so long, it almost feels as if they never passed in the first place. Or another example would be: You put so much work in making your company, or work stand out that even when   that company or work doesn't exist anymore, it is still having an influence on every new job you get or new business that relates to it.

And this brings me to my final thought. The reason for this blog, the reason why I titled this blog "My Finding Forever" is because I am searching for my true forever. I am searching for what I will do in the future that will have such an impact on my life and others that when I am gone and that job, or deed is over, it will have a lasting impact on humanity.

What is your forever? Have you found it? Why is it your forever?

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