Dreams: Behind the Reasoning

Last week, I covered a dream that had been recurring for the past month. I dove into it and extracted the reasoning as to why the various things that occurred happened. This time, I am going to go into detail as to just why we have dreams, and how you can have dreams that will actually help you grow.

This image seems rather large. But click it and stare at it closely. I can almost guarantee aspects of it will be in your dreams in the future.
Chances are, if you are human you've had a dream that didn't make sense to you. You've wondered why the things that occurred in it happened. What if I could convince you that just about everything that  happened in your dream, happened for a reason and just about every "odd" sight or scene has some kind of symbolic meaning directly related to your life? According to Antti Revonsuo from a BBC documentary titled: Horizon - Why Do We Dream, "certain dreams occur to help us prepare for when a similar situation happens in real life" (Horizon). So people can think of the word simulation, as another term for dream. It's an interesting concept to think about because in nightmares, some of us don't survive. Some of us endure even that, if it ever happened in real life, would traumatize us. Some people go through a dream where they feel the pain of lets say, a stab from a sharp object. But when they wake up, they feel only a fraction of the pain in that spot.

Another thing that Revonsue believes is that if we didn't dream, we wouldn't be able to live to see another day. And it all goes back to the first thing I quoted about him in the previous paragraph on how certain dreams happen to prepare us for things in the future. Imagine in the future, you are being chased by a crew of gang members or dogs. You are slower than them but you still try to keep running till you get cornered. A lot of people would not know how to handle that because they would feel as if there is no point since they are obviously slower. But in the dream, they find some random item on the ground that helps them deal with the dogs, thus, allowing them to get away from the gang in pursuit. Now let's assume this person lives or is moving to a place that is known for bad gang violence. If that is to ever occur, that dream would literally happen been their saving grace. It saved the person from being robbed or utter death. The same concept can be applied to other types of dreams.

The thing I find so fascinating about dreams is that the scene occurring does not have to be exactly the situation that will occur in the future. It will most likely just be a similar scenario. And if people can learn all that they can from certain dreams, it can benefit them in the long run.

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