The End of a Blogging Season

These past few months, this blog has been dedicated to the subject of personal growth. This subject has been a pretty interesting one. It allowed me to look into the subject deeply. Whether it was viewing other people's blogs on the subject to understand their point of view on how people can grow as better humans, or doing research on my own, I was able to learn quite a bit.

One of the sources I used very often were a series of videos from a motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown. I used him the majority of the time because his speeches were something that made the most sense to me. I would have to say, he really lived up to his title of motivational speaker because his speeches "motivated" me to write a few posts. The way he was able to hook me through what he was saying for those short 20 minute segments and allow me to comprehend his words was fascinating. I even ended up talking about him to my mom and she actually said that she had met him before at her old job. He had come to do a speaking session.

Another person that I quoted frequently was a man named Kevin Bracy. He, just like Les Brown is a motivational speaker. He too was able to captivate me by telling personal stories and relating it to his point of personal growth. Though, his main focus was goal setting. I liked how he is able to grab hold of his audience (metaphorically) through speaking about stories of his past experiences. Doing things that way is relateable because most of us have probably tried to better explain something by inserting past experiences. Most of the time, it does in fact work and get into peoples heads.

Overall, my experience with studying this subject has been a fun, and rewarding one. I definitely see myself writing about this is the future. Who knows? I may even try to become a speaker myself. I would highly recommend people to look into this subject. As I said before, it is fun, rewarding, and interesting.

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